Atlas Records (LA27-1011)

Atlas Records (LA27-1011)

Armen Donelian | Piano
Eddie Gomez | Bass
Billy Hart | Drums

  1. Stargazer (Donelian)
  2. Free At Last (Donelian)
  3. Southern Belle (Donelian)
  4. Love's Endless Spin (Donelian)
  5. Monday (Donelian)
  6. Silent Afternoon (Donelian)


Recorded April 15, 1980, New York, NY (LP) (Released only in Japan)


Swing Journal (Japan, 1981)

The pianist with a slightly unusual name of Armen Donelian is a 30 year old New Yorker. Although he came to Japan in 1979 as a member of the Billy Harper Quintet, most people in Japan probably have not heard of him yet. However, his first LP has caught the attention of the Japanese before the rest of the world. 

Donelian's lyrical touch with an emphasis on the right hand and beautiful tone can be identified with the music of Richie Beirach. His sharp sensitivity can be felt by the way in which he draws from the music of Bill Evans and Chick Corea. In his new album, Donelian displays his intellectual yet attractive play with the support from veterans Eddie Gomez (b) and Billy Hart (d). But, Gomez does not simply stay in a rhythm support role. Instead, he encourages Donelian, and through interplay, he succeeds in heightening the wonderful tension throughout this album. 

Including one jointly composed song, all 6 songs are Donelian's originals. Donelian possesses an uncommon talent as a composer, as well. If the expanse of the music could be maintained throughout the "play," this album would be perfect. However, it is evident that Armen Donelian is a rising star pianist.