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TitleRecordingStock Code
Acid DreamQuartet Language (Playscape PSR#J050292)
AmourMystic Heights (Sunnyside SSC 1089)
Astral DancerSecrets (Sunnyside SSC 1031)
Bare HeartsMystic Heights (Sunnyside SSC 1089)
Beach Haven(unreleased recording*)
Behind The VeilLeapfrog (Sunnyside SSC 4010)
Broken CarouselSecrets (Sunnyside SSC 1031)
Trio '87 (Odin NJ 4024)
Brood MoodQuartet Language (Playscape PSR#J050292)
CelebrationThe Wayfarer (Sunnyside SSC 1049)
Closer Than Ever(unreleased recording*)
Cockeyed BluesTrio '87 (Odin NJ 4024)
Contours SuiteA Reverie (Sunnyside SSC 1019)
CruzánSofrito (Fania JMVS 53)
DevotionMystic Heights (SunnySide SSC 1089)
Dungeons & DragonsSecrets (Sunnyside SSC 1031)
Easy Does ItOasis (Sunnyside SSC 4007)
Exiled DreamsMystic Heights (SunnySide SSC 1089)
Happy Blues(unreleased recording*)
Harem GirlA Reverie (Sunnyside SSC 1019)
Hye Es?(unreleased recording*)
HymnA Reverie (Sunnyside SSC 1019)
IberiaSofrito (Fania JMVS 53)
In BetweenThe Wayfarer (Sunnyside SSC 1049)
Inner SanctumLeapfrog (Sunnyside SSC 4010)
InvocationA Reverie (Sunnyside CD 1019)
JabberwackyQuartet Language (Playscape PSR#J050292)
Jungle GrooveThe Wayfarer (Sunnyside SSC 1049)
KjellaugA Reverie (Sunnyside SSC 1019)
Lady of GhentOasis (Sunnyside SSC 4007)
Little FlowerMystic Heights (SunnySide SSC 1089)
Loose as a GooseQuartet Language (Playscape PSR#J050292)
Love's Endless SpinStargazer (Atlas LA27-1011)
Metropolitan MadnessA Reverie (Sunnyside SSC 1019)
Trio '87 (Odin NJ 4024)
MexicoMystic Heights (SunnySide SSC 1089)
Quartet Language (Playscape PSR#J050292)
Leapfrog (Sunnyside SSC 4010)
MondayStargazer (Atlas LA27-1011)
Morning FlowerA Reverie (Sunnyside SSC 1019)
New BluesSecrets (Sunnyside SSC 1031)
NexusA Reverie (Sunnyside SSC 1019)
No One But You(unreleased recording*)
NocturneMoments (RCA/Novus 3028)
Nohr Ayk (New Dawn)Positively Armenian (PA 102)
OasisOasis (Sunnyside SSC 4007)
OdeMystic Heights (SunnySide SSC 1089)
Out on a Limb(unreleased recording*)
PartingSecrets (Sunnyside SSC 1031)
RageLeapfrog (Sunnyside SSC 4010)
RenewalAll Or Nothing At All (Sunnyside SSC 4002)
ResurrectionSecrets (Sunnyside SSC 1031)
Sans SouciOasis (Sunnyside SSC 4007)
Seasons'ChangeSecrets (Sunnyside SSC 1031)
Trio '87 (Odin NJ 4024)
SecretsSecrets (Sunnyside SSC 1031)
Trio '87 (Odin NJ 4024)
Silent AfternoonStargazer (Atlas LA27-1011)
Skippin'(unreleased recording*)
SmokeLeapfrog (Sunnyside SSC 4010)
Southern BelleStargazer (Atlas LA27-1011)
SpreeMystic Heights (SunnySide SSC 1089)
Oasis (Sunnyside SSC 4007)
Spring SongSofrito (Fania JMVS 53)
StargazerStargazer (Atlas LA27-1011)
A Reverie (Sunnyside SSC 1019)
The Wayfarer (Sunnyside SSC 1049)
All Or Nothing At All (Sunnyside SSC 4002)
The GermQuartet Language (Playscape PSR#J050292)
The PoetLeapfrog (Sunnyside SSC 4010)
The Scattered BrotherhoodHurricane (Sunnyside SSC 1021)
The Wayfarer (Sunnyside SSC 1049)
The Treasure Within(unreleased recording*)
The WayfarerThe Wayfarer (Sunnyside SSC 1049)
Tomorrows(unreleased recording*)
Waiting for FloraOasis (Sunnyside SSC 4007)
WinterLeapfrog (Sunnyside SSC 4010)
Your Love(unreleased recording*)
Annie's Tango(unrecorded)
Blues For No Reason(unrecorded)
Coltrane-Style Rhythm Changes(unrecorded)
Dark Moments(unrecorded)
Everything Makes Me Cry(unrecorded)
Last Days of Summer, The(unrecorded)
Nordic Images(unrecorded)
Stillborn Love(unrecorded)
The Lamb(unrecorded)
Who Knows Why?(unrecorded)
Wounded Heart(unrecorded)

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