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Sayat-Nova: Songs Of My Ancestors

(Double Digipac CD) Disc 1: Armen Donelian - Solo Piano / Disc 2: Armen Donelian Trio w/David Clark, George Schuller

"There are countless exquisite moments to be found within these extended mediations." - Jesse Simon, 3-1/2 stars (Downbeat)



(Digipac CD) Armen Donelian Quintet w/Marc Mommaas, Mike Moreno, Dean Johnson, Tyshawn Sorey

"Hold on to your hat. This is an angular set of sitting down jazz that certainly doesn't take things lightly. Donelian and his crew know how to work up a sweat." - Chris Spector (Midwest Record)



(CD) Armen Donelian Trio w/David Clark, George Schuller

"Oasis quickly establishes a high level of musical discourse and never falters from it." - Thomas Conrad (Jazz Times)


All Or Nothing At All

(CD) Armen Donelian/Marc Mommaas Duo

"Luminous...Inspired...Complex...Haunting." - Thomas Conrad (Jazz Times)


Quartet Language

(CD) Armen Donelian Quartet w/ Thomas Chapin, Calvin Hill, Jeff Williams

"An acrid alchemy festers among these players...bravely adventurous and breathlessly delicate." - Celeste Sunderland (All About Jazz/New York)


Grand Ideas Vol. 1 - Wave
(Select Standards)

(CD) Armen Donelian - Solo Piano

"Dramatic lyricism...controlled and expressive poetry." - Gary Giddins (Village Voice)


Grand Ideas Vol. 2 - Mystic Heights
(Original Compositions)

(CD) Armen Donelian - Solo Piano

"On his recent Mystic Heights, he applies that same balance [as on Wave] between tension and release to a program of sensitive originals." - Gary Giddins, Voice Choices (Village Voice)


Grand Ideas Vol. 3 - Full Moon Music
(Free Improvisations)

(CD) Armen Donelian - Solo Piano

"To improvise freely over the course of 14 selections is no easy task and Mr. Donelian pulls it off magnificently." - Kenny Barron (from the CD notes) "A beautiful and personal recording." - Fred Hersch (from the CD notes) "Moving but ultimately indescribable piano music." - Dick Hyman (from the CD notes) "A kind of classical surrealism." - Kirk Nurock (from the CD notes)


The Wayfarer

(CD) Armen Donelian Sextet w/Dick Oatts, Barry Danielian, Anthony Cox, Bill Stewart, Arto Tunçboyciyan

"Downright haunting." - Kevin Whitehead 3-1/2 stars (Downbeat) "Irreducible in the game of influences." - Franck Berger, Pick Of The Month (Monde de la Musique "This is important work." - David Dupont (Cadence)



(CD) Armen Donelian Sextet w/Dick Oatts, Barry Danielian, Anthony Cox, Bill Stewart, Arto Tunçboyaciyan

"Epic musicality." - Francois Lacharme, Critics' Poll #3 Jazz Album of 1988 (Jazz Hot) "Donelian has clearly come of age as a composer, player and leader." - Krin Gabbard (Cadence)


Trio '87

(CD) Armen Donelian Trio w/Carl Morten Iversen, Audun Kleive

"One of the great unsung piano trio recordings of the 80's... Donelian's strongest release to date...Strongly recommended." - Robert Iannapollo (Cadence) "Worth listening to from the first note to the last." - Roald Helgheim (Klassekampen)

$24.98 (Import)

A Reverie

(CD) Armen Donelian - Solo Piano

"A open door to evolutionary jazz." - Bernard Rabaud (Swing Jazz Journal)




Ancestral Songs (cover).jpg

Sayat-Nova: Ancestral Songs

(Music) Arranged for the piano by Armen Donelian

New! - 67 pages, three photographs and one illustration. Ancestral Songs is a selection of eleven cherished pieces by Sayat-Nova, the consummate 18th Century Armenian troubadour whose poetry has been compared to Shakespeare’s and whose melodies rival Chopin’s. This handsome publication from Edition Gruber offers Armen Donelian’s extraordinary piano arrangements of the distant master’s melodies, painstakingly notated by the pianist complete with expression and pedagogical markings, as a companion volume to his CD, Sayat-Nova: Songs Of My Ancestors. While he is respectful of the original lines, Donelian is unbound by the constraints of any particular musical approach, instead using the spare frame of Sayat-Nova’s compositions more as a compass than a map. You are invited to explore these striking pianistic explorations in Ancestral Songs.


Whole Notes: A Piano Masterclass

(Book) Armen Donelian

212 pages, 73 photographs, numerous original compositions, musical examples and technical exercises. Written in a conversational tone, Whole Notes is both a piano method book and a guidebook to accompany the reader’s personal journey into music. Posture, practicing, mental and physical health, using weight and force, economy of movement, and expression are some of the topics addressed. Concerned with how, as well as what, to play, Whole Notes is an invaluable companion for the developing pianist.


Training the Ear Vol. 2

(Book / 4 CDs) Armen Donelian

190 pages, hundreds of examples covering intervals, triads and inversions, all seventh chords and inversions, chord/scale relationships, major and minor modes, altered scales, chord extensions and their chromatic alterations through the 13th, II-V progressions and many substitutions - all with a strong focus on composition. Targeted towards the specific aural needs of the student of intermediate level Jazz harmony with his/her advanced development in mind, Training The Ear Vol. 2 offers a methodical study curriculum in the language of contemporary music for all musicians.


Training the Ear Vol. 1

(Book / 2 CDs) Armen Donelian

"The most clearly organized and comprehensive package of its type." - Lewis Porter (Rutgers Annual Review of Jazz Studies) Training The Ear Vol. 1 is a classic first published in 1992 and today it remains a predominant aural textbook widely used throughout the world.





Sheet Music

All sheet music comes in a grand-staff piano arrangement with the melody and chord symbols on a third treble staff. Transposed parts and customized instrumentations are available upon request for the same price.

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